Sue is from England where she graduated with honours from the University of Exeter (1995) having studied for a BSc in Mathematics and Education. Sue then taught international students in six countries: England, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Indonesia and Vietnam before swapping roles and becoming a startup entrepreneur in 2012. Sue now owns Kidsnschools Ltd, a company she founded in 2016.



Thought Leadership

Sue is also a lifelong learner who likes to write and thinks deeply about issues concerning education – how we teach and how we learn.  As has been widely stated, we now stand at the threshold of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. As never before, humans are due to experience the impact of innovative and revolutionary technology in our everyday lives.  

It is this broad concept of technology in all its forms that we need to understand. Its potential and its consequences are mind-blowing. Sue would like Kidsnschools to play a part in growing this understanding. We can do this by crowd-sourcing innovative ideas, creative thinking and best practice as it exists in our schools and in the minds and efforts of educators, students and parents everywhere.


November 2017