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Language Tuition, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

L’Atelier is a language center (French, English, and Vietnamese) located in Saigon, and welcoming everyone: children, teenagers, and adults of any nationality. This warm and small structure, ideal for an easy learning for all, has been created following an increasing demand from parents who wanted to have a tutor for their children. Our objective is to offer structured interactive lessons, based on the needs of each and everyone. The first lesson for new students is free!

Our Location

33/19 Quoc Huong St. Thao Dien Ward, District 2
KS Jones
Jun 24th, 2018

A really wonderful language school! My son took French at L'atelier for 3.5 years and Sylvie's running of this school exceeded all our expectations. While fluent (but not native) in French, my son needed specific help on getting ready for the IGCSE and then again for the IB. While it is possible to have private lessons, we found that Sylvie's efforts in bringing together small groups of students that are all at the same level and working towards the same goals was invaluable and more fun. A good portion of each class was also dedicated to ensuring that each student was working on their own specific needs (verb conjugations, etc.). The teachers were great and the schedule is flexible so that they will always ensure to work around the students busy ECA schedules and put together the most effective groupings. Highly recommend!!!