Frequently asked questions.

If you have further questions, please contact us and we will do our best to answer. You can read our how it works page too.

Why join?

Join Kidsnschools and become part of a community of global learners. Through our website you can come together and learn from each other and give each other support. 

Members benefit from:

  • Being part of something special
  • Learning from other members
  • Expanding their network of friends and associates
  • Putting across their ideas to grow a voice and create an impact
  • Benefitting the whole community by working together
  • Comparing notes and using other members as a resource

Why pre-listings?

If your school is pre-listed it means that we have found your information in the public domain and consider it to be a valuable community resource.

We include International Schools, Preschools, Education Specialists and Activities for each city that we list. 

As you know, people move in and out of cities all the time, so discovering what resources are available is just what families need.

What destinations?

Like any new idea, we will test it first to see if it is what families actually want. We will do this by launching in one country, i.e. Vietnam.

Once we have established a need, we will roll out countries on a wider scale. Ultimately, we aim to become a global service.

Choosing the right school?

Choosing a school is a very personal decision because you will be searching for a special environment, one that is right for you as a family and your child. 

Frequently the depth of your research is limited by what you are able to discover by yourself. This is often the case when you are moving overseas and your local knowledge of another country is incomplete.

Having the opportunity to gain insights from parents who have experienced what you are going through can be enormously helpful. Tapping into local and trusted information can save you time and a whole lot of stress.