our focus is on finding and validating a business model

This broad brush description of Kidsnschools is intended to inform and attract prospective early-stage mentors, advisors, sponsors, founder partners and seed investors. We are a clean sheet focused on finding and validating a business model. We seek interested professionals who will be central to our development, share our vision and goals and add value in terms of experience, connections and industry knowledge.


Kidsnschools is an online education startup launched in May 2017. Our mission is to be the first consumer engagement channel for K-12 international schools and parents everywhere.


Who we are

We are a founder and a small team in the process of discovering PMF - a viable business model with customer validation. To achieve this we are executing a pilot in Vietnam, a part of SE Asia that abounds with international schools and large learning communities. 

What we do

We aim to solve an old problem of discovery by offering parents and educators new ways of communicating and more opportunities for engaging in positive dialogue around learning.

We offer a platform for showcasing international schools, their associated clubs and activities, and also education specialists operating nearby. 

  • Our platform profitably unites schools and parents in the same online space
  • Our pages present the education landscape in cities worldwide
  • Our showcases are for schools marketing, communications and reputation management

A showcase can help deliver important benefits:

  • New customer acquisition   
  • Positioning - within a global community of learners
  • In-house management of marketing tools available 24/7
  • Control of message and community alerts
  • Live feedback


Who we do it for

Living overseas might seem strange to some but for families everywhere it’s what they do - our demographic is the 5.03 million students in 9,200 international schools in 200+ countries worldwide. 

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS - For schools, enrollment is seen as mission critical, since business planning depends on income derived from school fees. In today’s world it is a necessity for international schools to think far more strategically about their market position in order to win over parents who have concerns about future learning.

PARENTS - These same discerning parents have increasingly sophisticated expectations, and so any product or service designed to attract admissions will need to satisfy these expectations; including processes that inform and take place before, during and after uptake or involvement. 


Read market research about K-12 International Schools.

Why we do it

We believe that Kidsnschools fills a white space in today's market, and here’s why:

International families have emerged as a single definable group - a flow of parents seeking world class schools for their children.

It is also evident in today’s connected world that the balance of economic power has shifted toward consumers, and despite providing schools with essential tuition fee income, parents appear to be missing a collective voice.

Through the medium of Kidsnschools, parents can expect to not only discover a collective voice, but also be influential in helping schools find ways to prepare students for the real challenges that lie ahead of them.

How we are different

We believe that it absolutely matters where the future of education is headed, as opposed to where it is today.

AS A COMMUNITY - We are different because we believe that we can become a living network of knowledge - where consumer insights and experiences can re-enter the marketplace and connect to the central needs of the network as a whole. 

Our aim is to discover and understand the needs and motivations of this potential force, and define the important topics that will drive conversations and add value for our members.

AS SCHOOLS - International schools too, have come to understand that their online audiences can become a community - a place for supporting their customers as well as their business goals. 

By publishing content that will inspire engagement, we believe that schools can drive value-actions from the community and strive to answer the biggest questions on the minds of their target audience in the ways that they like to consume them.


Our compelling concept involves developing new ways of crowd-sourcing innovation and imagining learning for the future. 


Our unique showcases are designed for schools to become consumer-centric using content to drive traffic to their websites.

The opportunity for Kidsnschools is simultaneously in the global international schools market and the hyper-localised addressable market found in cities worldwide. 


We would like to network with like-minded people and thought leaders in this space. You can read our regular newsletter updates for more information about our journey.

Our Team


Sue Furness


[Download Bio]

Sue began working on her idea in 2012. Kidsnschools Ltd became registered in the UK in 2016, and the website was launched in 2017.


Adam | Lauren | Darren | Shape


Remote working is entirely possible; from Vietnam, we are already working with several freelance professionals from different parts of the world, who are helping to make this project happen.

  • Freelance mentor. Germany
  • Freelance writer, Vietnam
  • Freelance marketer, Thailand
  • Award-winning design studio, UK



Position vacant


Kidsnschools is a pre-seed online education startup looking for a co-founder, an important milestone shared by solo founders everywhere. 

Co-founders are a rare breed and the internet is littered with founders looking for that special person to be their wingman or woman. 

Even rarer, is a co-founder who will give their time and energy and invest financially in a fledgling idea based on someone else’s belief and initial concept.

Nevertheless it is time for Kidsnschools to bring on a co-founder, someone who is first and foremost a believer and who may be able to offer expertise in either of the following:

  • Branding
  • Business development
  • Communities
  • Digital marketing
  • Education
  • Media analytics
  • Sales 
  • Strategic planning

more ...



Kidsnschools would like to work with startup professionals who can provide mentorship to our early-stage venture.



Kidsnschools would like to work with individuals interested in an advisory role in our early-stage venture.


Kidsnschools would like to enter discussions with potential seed-stage investors.


Business model

Our core business model is SaaS subscription software. 

Intellectual Property

We are in pursuant of a UK Trademark and are registered with the ICO - Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom.



Kidsnschools would like to invite sponsors from within the global education stakeholder sector. 


Becoming a sponsor is one of the best ways to show commitment to international education; it can raise the profile of your organisation among international educators, provide regular access to potential clients and extend your reach to schools and businesses in cities worldwide.

We offer two ways for sponsors to show their support and in return have the opportunity to be present on our diverse and niche consumer discourse platform.

  1. We display your logo prominently in our website homepage slider.   
  2. We publish your articles on a vertical page up to six times per year.

Here are some of the key benefits we can deliver:

  • Increased brand recognition within our community
  • Expanding visitor numbers
  • Potentially global market
  • Site metrics

Thank you in advance for your interest in becoming a sponsor of Kidsnschools. Please inquire using sue@kidsnschools.com.

Link Building

You don’t need permission to link to our website - we welcome links to any section or page - you might like to start by linking to our home page http://kidsnschools.com.


We encourage you to explore our website and link to all topics of relevance to your audience - we cover many aspects of K-12 international schools education.


Kidsnschools website address will work with ‘www.’ or without it. This means you can display our address in two ways:

  • http://www.kidsnchools.com
  • http://kidsnchools.com

We prefer displaying the link without the ‘www.’ prefix.

Changes to URLs

We make every effort not to change the URLs of our pages. But please note that we might sometimes need to move, delete or archive content as part of our ongoing content development and review processes. This means that it’s wise to review links regularly to prevent ‘404 Page Not Found’ errors.


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How to describe Kidsnschools

If you want to give some information about Kidsnschools website when you’re linking to us, please copy the following paragraph:

"Kidsnschools is designed to operate in today’s global education market, with a mission is to be the first consumer engagement channel for K-12 international schools and parents everywhere".

Reciprocal links

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