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Green Shoots International School

International School, Hoi An, Vietnam

At Green Shoots, we combine a high-quality education for families in Vietnam with a strong sense of responsibility for the people and environment around us. Located in beautiful Central Vietnam, our students are ideally placed to experience urban, rural and coastal environments and learn how to work with these to ensure sustainability and continuity from the region’s historical past to its vibrant future. Our primary aim is to instil a lifelong love of learning for our students and to develop a sense of responsibility for the world in which we live. With this goal in mind, and in order to ensure that we meet internationally recognised academic standards, Green Shoots adopts a combination of

Key Information

  • School Type International School
  • School Language English-Medium
  • School Phase(s) 3-5 years (Pre School)
    5-12 Years (Primary School)
    12-14 Years (Middle School)
    14-16 Years (Senior School)
  • Estimated Population 100

Our Location

Green Shoots International School 414/7 Cửa Đại, Cẩm Châu, Tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam
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